Month: September 2021

FAQ: What happens if I leave a cavity untreated? 
If untreated, cavities can continue to grow and begin to affect deeper layers of your teeth. This can lead to infection and other oral complications,
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At Spanish Fork Dentistry our first priority is preserving your natural teeth by performing thorough dental exams to catch the earliest signs of decay and gum disease
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Why Replace Old “Silver” Fillings? Spanish Fork Dentistry can check your fillings and evaluate if they are defective. Together you can decide which ones should be replaced first and what replacement options would best suit you.

Enamel Hypoplasia is an enamel defect, that is already present at the time the affected tooth first erupts. In contrast, enamel wear, such as dental abrasion and erosion, occurs after a tooth has erupted. #enamel #enamelhypoplasia

·Trimethylaminuria With this rare genetic syndrome one loses the ability to break down an organic compound called trimethylamine. A fishy smell is excreted in breath, sweat, and other bodily fluids. #trimethylaminuria #fishyodor

Spanish Fork Dentistry receives five-star review from Teri B.

I’ve seen Dr. Shaw in Springville and I absolutely love her. Honestly the first app. I had with her, she walked in with a perfect smile to go with her beautiful face she is a doll all the way around ! I don’t mean to but I stero typed her off she is that gorgeous she can’t be as smart and a dentist really? But it’s true the Full package she is amazing. Extremely knowledgeable I love her

My dentures feel loose.
Should I make an appointment with my dentist at Spanish Fork Dentistry?

Yes, you should come in as soon as you notice any looseness, discomfort, or change.

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