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Month: October 2021

Halloween Candy and dental concerns

🦷🎃👻🦷🎃 Unchecked snacking on Halloween candy can expose teeth to a steady amount of sugar, which feeds bad bacteria that erodes tooth enamel and causes decay.
#halloweencandy #teeth

Fluoride for long-term great teeth

Research has shown that fluoride works to reduce cavities in both children and adults, repair the early stages of tooth decay, and helps prevent future cavities from forming.
#fluoride #toothprotection

Do you have sore teeth? it means trouble


When you experience tooth sensitivity,
the most common reasons include:
cavities, cracked teeth, trauma, teeth grinding, clenching, worn tooth enamel or fillings, receding gums.

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Let us keep your kid’s Teeth Safe

Cavities don’t always cause symptoms.
Your child may feel: Pain in the area around the tooth
 and sensitivity to certain foods. We will diagnose tooth decay based on: An exam of your child’s mouth
 and X-rays. #child #cavities