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Month: January 2022

The sense of taste

Did you know…
The sense of taste is the weakest of the five senses (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell)?

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Rinsing your mouth

It’s good to rinse your mouth after eating.
Your dentist may recommend a fluoride or antibiotic rinse as an extra measure of protection for strengthening teeth against the risk of cavities.
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The Great Oral Checklist

The Great Oral Checklist: Brush Twice/ Day • Floss • Brush Your Tongue• Choose a Toothpaste With Fluoride • Use Mouthwash • H2O • Eat More Fruits and Veggies • Reduce Sugar • Visit Your Dentist

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Want to help protect your child’s smile?

Want to keep your child’s smile cavity-free? Dental sealants from Spanish Fork Dentistry can reduce the risk of decay in children’s permanent molars by 80%! • www.spanishforkdental.com | 801.405.9301

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Do you need to see the dentist?

Do you need to see the dentist?
-Do You have bad breath?
-Are Your Teeth Yellowing?
-Do Your Gums Bleed?
-Do You Have Any Tooth Pain?
-Is Your Diabetes is at Risk?
Spanish Fork Dentistry: 801-405-9301

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