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Cheese for Teeth

Cinco De Mayo & Best Cheese for Teeth Health!

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Happy Cinco de Mayo from everyone here at Spanish Fork Dentistry! We hope your day is filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of delicious food. But as you enjoy your celebrations, don’t forget about one tasty ingredient that’s delicious and beneficial for your teeth – cheese! Yes, cheese for teeth health!

#CheeseForTeethHealth 🧀

Why is Cheese for Teeth Health?

Cheese is rich in two essential minerals for oral health: phosphate and calcium.

Cheese for Teeth: Phosphate and Calcium

The outermost layer of our teeth, the enamel, is the hardest substance in our body, primarily composed of calcium. Consuming cheese, which is high in calcium, replenishes this mineral to keep our teeth strong.

Phosphate plays a significant role in balancing the pH levels in our mouths.

A balanced pH is essential for preventing tooth decay and maintaining overall oral health.

Cheese for Teeth: pH Balance:

When we eat foods high in sugars or starch, the bacteria in our mouths break these down, resulting in acid production. This acid can lower the pH level in our mouth, creating an acidic environment that can lead to tooth decay.

So, as you enjoy your Cinco De Mayo, remember to include some cheese in your celebrations. Not only will it enhance the flavors of your meals, but it will also contribute to your oral health.

Have a wonderful Cinco De Mayo filled with smiles, and don’t forget to say “Cheese!”



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